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When gardening, it’s always important to remember what you planted where. It helps ensure correct spacing, support, and helps you know what to expect!

With our fancy new artisan raised vegetable garden, not just any plant markers would do. Enter: a Pinterest project that certainly can’t fail! Anyone with a few fingers, outdoor craft paint, some paint stirrers, and the ability to write [legibly] with a paint pen can do this!

Truly, the most important thing to bring to this project is patience. Paint doesn’t dry while you’re staring at it, so this is a multi-day, space consuming project. I tried to get creative and elevated things off the table with a shoe box – it worked, for the most part, but it took nearly a week to get three coats of paint on both sides of the stirrers (mostly to get an even tone, but somewhat to cover up the text).

Unfortunately, it’s been raining for days, and the instructions say that there needs to be 72 hours between the last coat of paint and exposure to moisture. I’ll post pics of the garden with this new added color soon.