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Hello again from the road!! I’m still enjoying my epic road trip with my husband and we just had a really special stop in Morgantown.


We just bought our first home together, this gorgeous house!!!



The home was built in 1917 and sits on a hill overlooking downtown and the river. Thankfully, the original wood floors and trim are still in great condition…look at our fantastic staircase!!



While the house is in great shape, we do have some projects on the horizon. Additionally, I’ve already started my facelift in one of the bathrooms (could not stand the brown wallpaper and the pink floral layer underneath) and we’ve picked up paint samples to narrow down on the ride home!

20160603_153024 20160603_153019

The sheer miles we’ve driven is enough to make this trip epic, but we’ve taken it to the next level with this stop! Our old house is filled with memories of those families before ours and I’m so excited to add ours to the history of the house.

FB_IMG_1465043061871On the road again…