Sometimes you don’t know what your house is missing until your Nana says, “hey – do you want this dollhouse?” She and my grandfather built these incredible miniature houses when I was younger. My tiny hands were often enlisted in service to help bring electrical activity to these tiny wooden structures. I have fond memories of learning about copper wiring, positive and negative, and how to “hang” a sconce without pinching the wiring – and, truly, they are skills that I keep to this day, on a human-sized scale.

So, this little farmhouse has come to live in the big city, replete with the furniture purchased and made for her over the years. Miniatures are a serious business, with scale, proportion, and quality craftsmanship all making a huge difference in what a furnished house looks like.

tAB - This Old Dollhouse (22)

As Nana packed this house for travel, she left me notes on which rooms things belonged in, and how things should work. I absolutely treasure these pieces of the farmhouse’s history, and will keep them in the drawer of the sewing table of her foundation.

Set on a lazy Susan, we’ll be able to enjoy this dollhouse from every angle. I’ll decorate for holidays, including adding snow along the roof line near Christmas. The later addition of a two-piece plexiglass back ensures that dust won’t accumulate within her walls, and this little farmhouse can live on, almost like a time capsule.

I look forward to when little (and big) hands visit and want to know more about this little dollhouse’s history.