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As promised, I’m sharing the itinerary for our 2016 Epic Road Trip! To avoid writing the longest blog post ever, I’ve broken it down into X parts, highlighting our major stops (Saturday posts) and what else we did along the way (Mid-week Quickies).  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Day 1: Waco – Ft. Smith, AR

Stop 1: World’s Largest Peanut in Durant, OK (3rd Ave and Evergreen in front of City Hall) !

Stop 2: Talimena Scenic Drive – Not really a stop but a detour. One of the most beautiful areas I’ve been in the US. We took OK-1 up to US-59 and didn’t cross over into Arkansas, but this drive is a destination in and of itself.


Stop 3: Cavanal Mountain aka “World’s Highest Hill” – 1 foot short of being tall enough to be a mountain. You can drive up or if you need to stretch your legs there’s parking along the side of the road if you want to walk up.

Day 2: Fort Smith, Arkansas to St. Louis, Missouri

Stop 1: Popeye statue in Alma, AR – apparently Alma is the Spinach Capital of the World and to commemorate their status they pay homage to the sailor man! This was a fun photo stop and right up the street is a red caboose. Take a few photos and move out!

Stop 2: Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, Prairie Grove, AR – we only did the self-guided walking tour (approx 1 mile). The park is beautiful and there’s a lot to learn.

Stop 3: The Walmart Museum, Bentonville, AR – it wasn’t open, which was fine, we just wanted a picture outside the original Walmart.

Stop 4: Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel, Bella Vista, AR – serene, peaceful, and spiritual. The chapel is a beautiful piece of art and is nestled in a quiet wooded area. It was totally worth the 20 minutes.

Stop 5: Grand Falls, Joplin, MO – holy cow batman, who knew something like this existed in Joplin?

Stop 6: Precious Moments Chapel, Carthage, MO – “America’s Sistine Chapel”…we considered this stop our first fail on the trip. I found it all to be a little creepy, but if you are a fan of the porcelain angels then this is your mecca.

Stop 7: Gary’s Gay Parita, Ash Grove, MO – a must stop on Rte 66! Recently reopened by Gary’s daughter, there’s a ton of memorabilia from Rte 66 and some really nice people to talk to!

Stop 8: World’s Largest Fork, Springfield MO (2216 W. Butterfield Ave)

Stop 9: World’s Largest Gift Shop – it was closed…so we just got the pic (probably saved us some $$ and carting around useless crap)

Day 3 – St. Louis – check out Saturday’s post on St. Louis to find out what we did here!


Photo credit: The handsome man in the photos with me is responsible for taking them (either with a selfie stick or his nice camera)