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Our second major stop was Detroit with a side trip to Windsor, Canada. I really feel like we just scratched the surface on what to see and do in Detroit.

Stayed: Greektown Casino Hotel

Ate: O’Maggio’s Food and Spirits (had to get some poutine while in Windsor, Canada), Vincente’s Cuban Cuisine (so so good!), Cliff Bell’s


1- Comerica Park: baseball game #2 and one of the best ballparks I’ve ever been to. The fountains in the outfield are a cool touch and the ballpark is easy to get around, there’s a lot to see, and oh yeah, more nachos!

2- Canadian Club Whisky Tour: we took our road trip international and headed over to Windsor for a few hours. Windsor is right across the river, maybe a 20 minute drive from downtown (at the most). The Canadian Club tour was a lot of fun – it is more about the building and operation during Prohibition than a typical distillery tour. Being a vintage junkie, I loved that the offices had kept original and seeing the Speakeasy room where Al Capone did his deals was living history. Pay attention to signs and go in the correct lane when leaving the US to avoid getting stopped and your car being searched (just a friendly tip).

3 – Ford Piquette Avenue Plant: Motor City has a lot of museums dedicated to the automobile, you could probably spend several days just going to car museums. We choose to visit only one on this trip and went to the Piquette Ave. plant museum and I think we made the right choice. This tour walks you through the plant where the first Model T was produced and you can see the evolution of early automobiles. Our tour guide was a retired Ford engineer and his passion for the history of cars was contagious.

4 – MoTown Museum: if in Detroit you have to go to Studio 1A and see where some of the most beloved songs in history were recorded. The tour guides are awesome and this tour is interactive, filled with good music, and just a lot of fun!

5 – The Heidelberg Project: funky, funky, funky. We drove through the neighborhood because there was no one walking around and we didn’t really know what to do. This open air art project is one of a kind and is a different side of Detroit. Get the experience.

6 – Cliff Bell’s:  I put this both in the ate and saw category, because while we did eat there (food was delicious) we also saw a jazz show during our dinner. The atmosphere is romantic and smooth – it was a really fun date night!

Detroit gets a bad rap and honestly, I just didn’t see it! There’s a lot to do, it’s clean, and people are friendly. I definitely will go back and explore the area more (maybe even visit another car museum or two)!

Next stop, Mackinac Island!


Photo credit: Props to my husband for taking all of these photos!