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One of the main events (and the reason for the trip) was to see my brother and his Emily get hitched in Owasso, Michigan! Even though the wedding was a huge part of the trip (I’d consider it a major stop), I’m including it in this post since our time in Owasso was centered more on family rather than sight-seeing.

So once we were done exploring Detroit we headed to Owasso for one of the biggest parties I’ve ever been a part of,  but we did have a couple of stops a long the way!

Day 8: Detroit to Owasso

Stop 1: Sit-Downers Memorial Park in Flint, MI

This was an unscheduled stop as I was looking at the Roadtripper app on our way to Stop 2 and stumbled across this memorial. It was definitely a happy accident! I had never heard about the Sitdowners’ Strike in 1937, but was fascinated to learn about it and the role the Women’s Emergency Brigade played in one of the most significant labor events in the U.S. The park is not very big but there are several different memorials commerating the importance autoworkers play in our society.

Stop 2: Brommer’s CHRISTmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, MI

This is the “World’s Largest Christmas Store” and it’s huge!! I think Ryan and I spent at least 2 hours browsing rows and rows of ornaments (there’s an ornament for everything) and decorations before needing another 30-45 minutes to find the exit. Seriously this store has everything necessary for a holly-jolly Christmas! We were able to get a West Virigina University ornament (see they have everything) to commemorate our move and some additional Christmas stuff to get our new house in the holiday spirit!

Stop 3: The Rest of Frankenmuth, MI

Besides having the “World’s Largest” Christmas store, there’s a lot more to see, do, eat, and drink in Frankenmuth! We had a blast walking around this little piece of Bavaria. There are 2 main shopping/activity centers: downtown and the RiverPlace shops. Here you’ll find a wide variety of things from lederhosen to trendy boutiques to wine and distillery tasting rooms. We had lunch at the Bavarian Inn (recommend the schnitzel and chicken dinner) and had a great afternoon taking in the sights.

Stop 4: Ted and Coach’s Wedding Extravaganza!!

Memorial Day weekend was spend celebrating the marriage of 2 incredibily talented and charming individuals. This wedding was not just a ceremony and reception, but it took 3 days to celebrate Ted and Coach in the way that they should be celebrated! Everything detail was meticulously attended to without being overdone. It was the perfect combination of relaxed sophistication and down to earth fun! My new seester was radiant (despite being stung by bees during the ceremony – didn’t flinch) and my brother happy.

After the wedding festivities concluded, we packed up the car with my parents and headed to Mackinac Island to go back somewhere in time where life was simpler! And when I say we packed up the car, I mean that we filled it to the brim! So much so, that I was wedged in the backseat between a big cooler and the door!

~Happy Trails!


Photos: Wedding photos were taken by the very talented Craig Watson Photography. The others were taken by the handsome man I am lovingly looking at in the photo above.