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Our northern most stop was to the resort town of Mackinac Island and it was like we were transported somewhere in time. A time when life was slower and summer days were filled with ice cream and exploration. No cars on the island means a lot of strolling through charming Main St. and stopping often to admire a view or a sunset. Put this place on your travel bucket list and get here.

Stayed: The Inn at Mackinac (charming and good location)

Ate: The Pink Pony, Riley’s Waterfront (our best meal), Seabiscuit Cafe, Goodfellows, The Cafe at the Fort (not its name, but I can’t remember what it was called)


1a – To get to Mackinac Island you have to take one of the ferries from Mackinac City or St. Ignace. We used Sheplar’s and kept our car in the open lot. The ferry was a fun way to see the island (bring a light jacket if you are prone to being cold).

1- Fort Mackinac: part of the state park, the fort is an entire afternoon of wandering in and out of buildings learning about early life on the island. The exhibits are well-done and there is a lot to see and do. The views of the lake are spectacular too!

2 – Mackinanc Island Carriage Tours: a must-do if visiting the island. This tour will give show you the highlights of the island and take you to Arch Rock. It was cold and rainy the day we did the tour and was the only way we would have been able to see the island (too cold). But we got to see Arch rock (next time I want to hike/bike there) and go to the butterfly room which was really cool (additional ticket to tour).

3 – Shopping: this was our primary activity (other than eating ice cream) and there was plenty of it. Mackinac Island has a good blend of touristy, artsy, and island-specific shops to keep things interesting. We picked up so art, gifts for family, and even a souvenir or two (it was cold so we had to get sweatshirts and socks).

2 days in Mackinac just weren’t enough. The Grand Hotel was closed for a convention and there was a lot of hiking and bike riding that we weren’t able to do. Additionally, it seems like there is a lot more to do on the Upper Peninsula so we’ll definitely be making a trip back!


Photo credit: If it was up to me, we’d have no pictures of our travels. Thank goodness for my sweet, sentimental, and talented husband!