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Our last major stop on the road trip was Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville, which by this time we are starting to feel a little bit of road fatigue. So it was probably good that this was our last major stop because I am pretty familiar with the area and always enjoy visiting. I’ve combined these cities into one stop because they felt like 1 adventure instead of multiple stops along the way home.

Stayed: Cincinnati Airport Marriott and Sheraton Louisville Riverside

Ate: Horse and Barrel, Proof on Main, Wild Eggs (was not a fan)


1 – Great American Ballpark: last baseball stop on this trip! I’ve always enjoyed this stadium and like the riverboat aesthetic. It rained quite a bit and so we left early, but one you should check out in Cincinnati. We had plans to listen to music in Fountain Square but the rain put a damper on that.

2 – Our racehorses: we were able to visit Four Emily, Penny and her foal, and No Llores and her foal at the breeding farm where they currently reside. We were also fortunate to have the opportunity to tour one of the most beautiful farms in Lexington (scenes from Seabiscuit were filmed there). If you don’t know someone with a horse farm in Lexington, you can still get the horse experience through places like the Kentucky Horse Park and there’s always the horse track!

3 – Louisville Slugger Museum: I think this was a huge highlight on the trip for Ryan! Being the baseball fanatic that he is, going to the mother-ship and seeing how the storied bats are made were probably one of his best moments. Just look at the joy in his face as he got to hold some of the bats of baseball’s greats- David Ortiz, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, and Mickey Mantle. I enjoyed the museum too (although I had visited prior) and was happy to share this experience with my honey.

We were in Louisville right around the time news of Muhammad Ali’s passing. As the city began preparing for his funeral and memorial service, you could feel the city’s grief and impact he had on so many. I was honored to share a small part of the legend’s life.

Louisville was our last stop on our 2016 Epic Road Trip! Once we hit the road, we were ready to get home as quick as possible, see our pets, and start getting ready for the move. We had a blast on this road trip and will definitely do more (PCH anyone?). I hope you enjoyed seeing our road trip stops and hopefully we inspired you to plan your own trip!

Happy trails!


Photo credit: Husband!