While Emily and Ryan were taking an Epic Road Trip, sweet hub and I were on a mini one of our own. We had the opportunity to escape the swelter and go to camp in the Adirondacks this July, so we did! I’ll admit – upstate New York is so much more beautiful than I remember as a kid, and the 65* water is way more inviting than it used to be. It may have been the altitude, or the lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s, but the skies in the Adirondacks seemed bluer, the trees greener, and the water clearer than anything I’ve seen in a while.

Our trip began with a flight into Albany and a delicious lunch at Wolf 1-11. Though I’m not sure it’s an official “thing”, there was a lot of buffalo sauce to be found everywhere we went – which was a delightful twist on the spicy I’m accustomed to.

We made our way up I-87 and Route 9 to Schroon Lake – our stopping place for the evening. Sweet hub spent many formative years on the lake and in the towns surrounding it, so this was a trip down memory lane.

Our bed and breakfast was one of the cutest I’ve ever seen! The Tumble Inn offered four well-appointed rooms are in a gorgeous house built in the 1870s, with an enviable front porch and view (which is seared into my mind, but not digitally captured). We chose this B&B for several reasons, one of which being that it promised a “no-lunch breakfast”. They certainly delivered! Course after delicious course of fruit, blueberry pancakes, omelets and sweet breads poured out of the kitchen. Our hosts were kind and informative, but not overly chatty. Their pups were a well behaved welcoming committee.

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The next day was spent exploring Word of Life island and camp – a place that has ties in both my husband’s and my families. It was nice to finally put pine trees with the images I’ve heard described over the years.

We slowly made our way further upstate, enjoying signs in English and French as we neared the Canadian border. (Helpful note: we found that Stewart’s gas stations boasted both delicious food but impeccable bathrooms.)

I’ll gloss over our Upper Saint Regis stay here, but promise to go into detail next week. An adventure stop one should take is Mount Saint Regis – a moderate, 3 hour hike up to incredible views of the surrounding lakes, mountains, and hills. Due to rain, we only spent a few minutes at the top, but it was definitely worth the effort.

We spent a day in Lake Placid, and it could have easily been three. The Olympic complexes spread across town are fascinating, particularly those still in active use for sport – like the ski jumps (insert “Eddie the Eagle” reference here). Though it seems like it’d be a quick trip, this particular facility ate 3 hours of our time! From the tour to the top to watching children (really!) work on their techniques during live jumps, there was a surprising amount to do.

We toured only part of the main museum facility, and snuck into an ice skating clinic, held in the same arena that Sonja Henie earned her gold in 1932!

The fact that such a quaint town handled such an influx of people blows my mind. We had a fine pie at Bazzi’s Pizza, and really enjoyed  wandering the cobblestone streets.

While in the Adirondacks, I enjoyed ice cream from Donnelly’s. Their menu is simple: you get what they have every day! Even the girls behind the counter weren’t sure what flavor would be available the following day – the dairy brings them their fresh ice cream every morning. Vanilla is an every day constant, but I definitely recommend the daily swirl. We enjoyed the strawberry / vanilla swirl quite a lot! History tibdit: when the power and phone lines were being hung in the area, Mr. Donnelly didn’t want them on his property, in front of his buildings. Lore is that he sat on the lawn in front of his barn and dairy while the work was being done, shotgun in lap, ensuring  his wishes were respected. As you drive past his farm, you’ll note that the poles and lines go behind his property, ensuring an unobscured view and lawn!

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As mentioned, more about Upper Saint Regis and our time on the lake next week!