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As you know, flower arranging is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. I am determined to use just about every vessel in my house as a flower receptacle, and encourage others to think outside the box when it comes to vases.

Southern Living had a short tutorial on “Garden-to-Table Arranging” – which is not only a style of florals that is very popular right now, but one that is (relatively) fool proof – and may even be able to be done with the goodies in your yard!


The Materials
Dwarf pomegranate fruit
“Graham Thomas” David Austin roses
Love-lies-bleeding amaranth
“Irish Eyes” black-eyed Susan
“Cherokee Sunset” coneflower
“Black Pearl” ornamental peppers


Step 1
Choose an opaque, rather than clear, vase to hide messy stems. Form a loose ball from a 5- by 5-inch piece of chicken wire, and then insert it into the vessel.


Step 2
Use foliage as the filler in the vase. Here, a mix of coleus, tomato stalks, and amaranth provides structure and a base for the floral arrangement.


Step 3
Remove the leaves from the lower parts of the stems, because they can make the arrangement require more water and then decay and contaminate the clean liquid.


Step 4
Give the bouquet form and shape by adding large, lush blooms. “Café au Lait” dahlias and “Cherokee Sunset” coneflowers take center stage here.


Here’s a link to the full article.