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Happy Labor Day!

My husband has fond memories of his mom always decorating for the season or nearest holiday so as we transition into fall he has indicated that he’d like that tradition to continue in our home. Unfortunately for him, he married a bit of a scrooge. I like the idea in theory and love spending time at his parents’, enjoying the festivities, but the thought of having to put up and take down decorations every couple of months makes me need to lie down. Maybe if I had an army of elves who could do the set up and take down (and magically store everything in their special tree) then I’d be more inclined to go all out all year long. But alas, I don’t have elves and my holiday spirit doesn’t extend past Christmas, so my enthusiasm for year-round decorating is non-existent.

HOWEVER, marriage is about compromise and so I cannot completely ignore my husband’s holiday spirit. So in that spirit and since summer ends this weekend, I decided to do a little fall-themed decorating this year and started by making a wreath for the front door!

This wreath was super easy to make. I went to our local craft store and picked up the following supplies:

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Berry and flower bunches
  • Ribbon (with wire) in fall colors
  • Wooden “T”
  • Orange paint
  • Sponge brushes
  • Hot glue gun sticks (need a hot glue gun too if you don’t already have one)


I started by painting the “T” orange. My original plan was to stencil a paisley print in a lighter orange, but that failed miserably and so I just went with the solid color.

While the “T” dried, I began cutting flowers off the bunch. Wire cutters would have made this easier but I just used regular scissors and brute strength.


Then I started playing with the flowers and arranging them in different patterns at the bottome of the wreath.  Once I got them how I wanted, I glued them down with the hot glue gun.


Next, I glued some ribbon to the back of the “T”. I then placed it in the middle of the opening and added some glue to the edges and glued the ribbon to the back of the wreath.


I then made a loop with the ribbon on the back of the wreath and glued that down (forgot to take a picture of this step). I then hung the wreath and admired my work…


Well actually I critiqued it…I noticed that the “T” was crooked and the balance of the wreath was off. There needed to be something at the top. After consulting with Lainey, she suggested I add some ribbon knots to the top – easy enough!

I gathered up all of my extra ribbon from previous projects and started cutting strips. I intentionally cut them long enough to have 2 inches extra on each end. This way I could cut them down graduallly.

I only had 4 pieces of black ribbon so I started with that, spacing the ribbon out across the top. Then I filled in with the plaid. Then some gold cording. Finally ended with skinny navy ribbon leftover from wedding favors. (I straightened the “T”).

To make it easy on myself, I hung the wreath from the bathroom door. That way I could add, step back, review, add more.

20160827_142555 20160827_141825

Making your own wreath (using any theme) doesn’t have to be difficult. Peruse the craft store and grab what sticks out. Then just play around until you end up with something you like.

The end result was a really cute (imho) fall wreath that my husband really likes. The wreath even inspired me to consider doing more fall decorations so maybe we’ll get some pumpkins too!

Happy Fall y’all!