We are ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED to be missing the incredible Marburger Farm Antique Show this year! We’ll keep up with the trends and goings on by endlessly stalking their social media (you can too! FB and Insta) — and we can’t wait to see what YOU find out there! (Tag us on Insta!)

The fall show runs Tuesday Sept 27 thru Saturday Oct 1. More info here.

Are you unfamiliar with Marburger Farm? Or, are you mourning with us and want to relive the past? Below are links to our favorite Marburger moments from years past.

Taxidermy post 1 and post 2
Lainey’s first MF Blogger experience
Emily’s first MF experience
Jewelry: Lovers and Haters
And, who could forget, our first (and, to date, only) video!

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a full listing of all Marburger related posts.