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Back in the 19th and early 20th century, it was popular in France for married couples to display items from their wedding as a way to tell their wedding story and their life together. Often these displays were kept under a glass cloche to protect the items from dust and were proudly part of the formal dining room decor. Under the glass dome, brides would house their tiaras, wedding flowers, and other mementos from the occasion.


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Throughout the marriage other special items such as photographs and locks of children’s hair were carefully adding continuing to tell the story of the life the couple built. In addition, the couple would carefully choose other gilded symbols to be handcrafted by jeweler making these display pieces even more unique and representative of the couple.

Source: ebay

After our wedding, I decided to dry out my bouquet and wanted to find a way to display it with other wedding mementos in a special way. I searched all over Texas for the right vehicle to display my bouquet and could not find one that was the right size and right budget. So I carefully packed my dried bouquet in the car and moved it from Waco to Morgantown, convince that eventually I’d find the perfect piece.

Patience paid off in a big way! While visiting my parents in Norfolk, VA over Labor Day weekend, I came across this planter at an antique store and knew right away that it was what I had been looking for! There was enough space to prop my bouquet up and I really liked the vintage blue. Plus the flexibility to either hang it on a wall or put it on a tabletop was really appealing. And most importantly, the price was right!


Once I got home, I immediately got to work finding pieces from the wedding to put in the case. I grabbed some of the cocktail napkins, an invitation, and also a champagne bottle from the night of our engagement. I figured the bottle helped with scale and represented the whole wedding process from beginning to end.

Due to space constraints in the dining room, I decided for now to have my globe de mariee on my dresser in our bedroom. Every morning when I am getting ready and in the evening when the day is winding down, I’m reminded of our wonderful day and all of the hopes and plans we’ve made. Hopefully throughout our lives together I’ll be able to add other significant mementos and in 50+ years it will reflect not just one of the best of our lives but lives well lived and loved (sappy, I know).

In case you were wondering how I dried my bouquet, I (my mom) hung them upside down in the utility room for several weeks until they were completely dried out. You want to keep the flowers in a dry room where they won’t be disturbed.


Information about globes de mariee was found here.