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Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together even better than you imagined? While on the same shopping trip in Norfolk, where I picked up my globe de mariee, I found the cutest crystal biscuit jar that I knew would be a great container for flowers. The shop owner agreed and we discussed how beautiful white hydrangeas would look. Simple, sweet, and a little southern.

So when we got back to Morgantown, my first stop was to Kroger to find (hopefully) the hydrangeas. The store didn’t have bunches of hydrangeas only so I had to settle for a mixed bouquet of white flowers (including 2 hydrangeas) with green pompoms. Oh darn!

I cut the stems to the desired height and started placing them in the jar. My only plan was to have the hydrangeas front and center and then built the arrangement around there. Normally, you’d want to turn the jar as you are arranging so that your flowers look good from all angles. However, the washstand where my flowers were going to be has a back so I didn’t have to worry about the 360 view. What do you think of the final product?

As fall entered, I felt like sunflowers were the next flower needed for the jar and this time WalMart came through ($8 for all of these flowers)!! It was also time to put out some of the Halloween decorations I found in the Dollar Spot at Target.

With containers that are short with a large opening, I recommend using large flowers. It works with the scale and amount of space in the container. Now I have to start thinking about what flowers I want to try next!!

Happy fall, y’all!