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Do you have any art that you wish was framed better? Frames that may haer been in style 5 or 20 years ago may not fit your current aesthetic or be on trend. Other than buying retail or having custom frames made, what are your options?

Well, if you’re determined to ditch the current frames, you have nothing to lose by trying to update it. If things go poorly, you can head to the store. And thus was the case for these shiny, chrome rectangles. I adore the art that they hold, but they are too corporate and cold for the art.

I found spray paint that is for metal – and I really do think that was important, though I haven’t tested with other types of spray paints.  Another key to success was fine grit sanding – the paint has to have something to stick to!

The process was relatively painless. I removed the glass and backing, working only with the actual frame. Using a rag, wipe down the frame to remove all residual dust and grime. With a light hand, sand the entire frame, being careful not to leave any swirls or knicks behind. Another wipe with the rag removes all metal dust.

I elevated the frames while spraying to avoid any drip collection on the edges. The bottle said to wait 5 mins to touch, so I did a second coat and gave it a good 15 mins to dry.

My driveway became a bit of a production line!

The bottle mentioned that the paint would be fully set in 48 hours, so I the frames up in a room with the fan on high for a week (just in case!).

And taadaah! The art is rejuvenated in its clean white frames!