The weather in Dallas hasn’t exactly lent itself to dreaming of fall, much less preparing for the holidays that are around the corner. Growing up in South Texas, Halloween was typically on a warm day where the sun set a hair earlier than we were used to, creating a slightly spooky atmosphere. I’ve heard of places where Halloween marks the true transition into autumn, and provides a bit of respite to those who go the extra mile in a full costume.

With that, I find myself needing to be put into a more festive mood, as we approach Halloween and all things pumpkin over the next few weeks.

Here’s a look at a few of our favorite autumnal posts, including some small-scale spooks!

Respecting the Dead: a short tour of New Orleans cemeteries

Lovers and Haters: rings and the lore of the opal
tAB - Lovers & Haters (1)
Vintage Barware: finds at Marburger, including this party-ready set|
tAB - Vintage Barware MF Fall 2015 (3)

Silhouette Style: a crafty way to display your love for Halloween

And Taxidermy: courtesy of Marburger Farm….because what could be creepier than a dead animal on display?