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It used to be that the shopping experience was just as fulfilling as the actual purchase. Unfortunately, with in -person customer service becoming less of a priority as shoppers meander with phones in hand, packing and presentation is getting more of the spotlight.

As a frequent online shopper, I can tell you that most brands don’t pay attention to how an item arrives, rather they focus on shipping efficiency. Unless your shopping from a high-end retailer like Nordstrom or Bergdorf , you can expect a limp plastic bag to arrive on your doorstep.

As much as possible, I try to support small business. This means Etsy and independently run online boutiques draw my attention. I recently had a first -purchasing from Instagram. I saw a post, fell in love with a item, and set about obtaining it. The process of purchasing was quite enjoyable -striking up a conversation as if shopping in a voice and mortar, getting to know a bit about the owner, and taking every opportunity to let her know how great her collection was.

The best part of the transaction, though, was the thoughtful packaging. Box inside of box, carefully chosen and wrapped tissue paper, bag with another box -the excitement built as I opened! And, TAADAAAA my beautiful vintage locket was displayed in the sweetest of ways.

Thank you @lizzyb0374_hobiehaus for such great attention to detail! (and for duck fabulous items, but don’t you all go out and buy my stuff! )