We are an apolitical blog; however, we encourage you to exercise your right to vote! In light of election season, I’d like to offer an in-house outing for those of you in the DFW area – The 6th Floor Museum.

Filled with an astounding number of artifacts from the day-of and days-surrounding the assassination of JFK, The 6th Floor Museum offers a full recounting of this tragic event. You learn more about the key players, their interconnections, and get the full picture as you’ve never seen it before. Conspiracy theorists will love the multiple side-notes about different theories, and “judge for yourself” moments as videos, including the Zapruder film, are shown and examined frame by frame.

Get some perspective as you are presented with a bigger picture world view of what else was happening on that day in November. Meet the people who kept things moving at a time when it would have been so easy and understandable to stop in shock. Get to know how the political machine continues to run under crisis, and how Johnson was sworn in so quickly and with so much support. And, should you be feeling particularly curious, stand at one of the windows and eye the X on the street where the fatal shot hit.

We visited the museum while the Kennedy/Nixon campaign and election exhibit was active (and, if you go before Nov 13, you’ll get to see it, too). Did you know that JFK/Nixon was the first presidential debate? This exhibit is a great glimpse into how politics evolved into the politicking show we see today.

See some highlights of the main exhibit here, and of the Kennedy/Nixon campaign here.