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The Red Hen has sewn her whole life. My great grandmother was a seamstress, and sewing is in the family. Well, it should be in the family. But, after a short embroidering stint in my late adolescence, the patience and steady hand required for the craft escaped me. 

Until now. Enter: nesting! Between painting, repairing, and replacing, it turns out one also may have previously undiscovered domestic tendencies. Like sewing. So, on Red Hen’s southern sabbatical from Maine, I asked her to teach me the basics. Once she picked her jaw up off the floor, I was provided some direction in machine purchasing, and we got right to work. 

I purchased this machine, as both the Internet and Red Hen thought it was a good place to start – both in ease of use, durability of machine, and, most importantly, price point. (let’s not break the bank on an urge that may be fleeting, eh?) 

Our first project was ambitious: a slip cover for a fading, fifteen year old chair. Red Hen took me to Joann’s and instructed me on purchases to ensure a successful starter kit. (and before you wonder, yes–scissor coordination was intentional!) 

  • Purchase brand name tape measure, as the cheaper ones stretch over time and won’t give you a true measurement 
  • Stainless steel pins are the best. They are expensive. But they’ll never rust or damage your clothing 
  • Buy a sharp set of scissors that you’ll only use for fabric. NO PAPER. it will dull them
  • Seam ripper “buy one that makes you not want to use it” they’re dangerous. Keep that in mind. 

I’ll keep you posted on how the slipcover turns out!