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After the success (in my opinion) of my fall wreath and the continual aversion to spending money on something I can do myself, I decided to  add to the Tanner-Thompson front door adornment collection with a holiday wreath!

The hardest part of this one was deciding what to buy at the craft store. I ended up picking up a wooden door sign, some floral picks, and ribbon. What doesn’t look like a lot took probably close to an hour to compile, I can be indecisive on some things. The assembly of the wreath took half that time.


About that wooden door sign, don’t limit yourself to the floral, ribbon, and ornament sections when making a holiday wreath. There are some really great small house decor that with small modification would look great on the door (all I did was cut off the ribbon). If you want to personalize it, find a small chalkboard to add or get a wooden letter and paint it!

I decided to wrap ribbon around the grapevine wreath on this one. It was easy, I tucked one end under a vine and then started wrapping. Once I got all the way around, I glued both ends down with a lot of hot glue.


Battery-operated lights would’ve been cool too! Or a big Christmas bow! Whatever floats your boat.

After adding the ribbon, I played around with the placement of the greenery and the wooden tree.  Getting the right position of everything was the hardest part and just takes some trial and error. When I thought it looked good, I glued down with copious amounts of hot glue.

And that’s it! My one-of-a-kind wreath was complete! It was probably the easiest part of getting ready for the holidays! Next up, I’ve got to figure out how I am going to decorate the front porch!