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I love getting Christmas cards. It’s only time of the year that I get mail that isn’t junk or bills (thank you mortgage) and I love seeing the photos and updates of special people in our lives.

I was a little stuck on how to display the cards we (hopefully) will receive. I didn’t want to collect them in a basket or stick them on the fridge so my small stack has been sitting on a table all week. Until, thanks to Pinterest, inspiration struck and I figured out where I could show off friends’ and family’s spirit…on the kitchen cabinets!!


It was really easy, I had some leftover ribbon from the wreath  I made so I just used some scotch tape at the top and bottom inside one of our large cabinets. Then I grabbed a few clothes pins and attached the cards to the ribbon. Voila! Easy card display!


As we get more cards I will add more ribbons on the cabinets. Maybe we’ll get enough cards to cover every cabinet!!

Here’s the card we sent out! What did you do?