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One of the most commented things about our house is the amazing front porch! So if the front porch is amazing then the decorations have to be amazing too, right? Nothing like a little pressure.

I’m not going to lie, the front porch was the hardest part of my holiday decorating. I had an idea in my head about what I wanted to do, but couldn’t figure out an easy way to get the idea to reality. It took a couple of weeks and several trips to Lowes, craft stores, Target, etc. but I think we got the look we were hoping for.

It all started with hanging the lights. We already had a strand of white lights around the ceiling of the porch and decided to build off that. Next we added blue  icicle lights (free hand-me downs from Ryan’s sweet parents) and went all the way around the porch. Then we wrapped the pillars in alternating red and white lights. Finally we threw on some white net lights on the bushes in the front.

Maybe you have picked up on the unintended theme of our lights…it turned out very patriotic! Not what we were going for, but it was cold and we were tired so we decided to rock the USA this year and will likely make adjustments in future years (maybe a large lighted sign that says ‘MERICA in the side yard).

To try to add some variety and not be so nationalistic, we made some Christmas trees out of multi-colored lights and tomato cages. So easy – just wrap the lights around the cage and that’s all! So easy, I wouldn’t feel right making an entire blog post about it!

For non-lighted decor, I found some small glittery presents to put on my tiered plant stand. Technically these light up but I don’t have an electric source near them. I also place a holiday themed doormat and hung my holiday wreath.

On the other side of the door, I tied a pre-made bow around the porch light. I then put out Santa and hung a metal wreath on the side (used a command hook – follow the instructions for best outcome).

The planters were my biggest issue. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money but wanted something festive. I first tried poinsettias, but the cold killed them pretty quick. So I went to Lowes and picked up a couple of small spruces and put them in the outside pots. I then put a grapevine tree I picked up at the craft store in the middle one. Next I inserted little floral pieces from the craft store to elevate the trees. Finally I wrapped some real greenery around the edges. Not exactly my vision but I liked how it turned out.


My last front porch/yard holiday touch was to hang some shatterproof ornaments from the metal plant stand. These were $5 at Target so if they only last this year that’s ok!


And that’s it! Hopefully your visions of holiday decor came out just how you imagined or better! I’m pretty happy with what we were able to achieve this first year and think we’ve got a solid start for future Christmases!

Now it’s off to start setting up for our holiday party. We can’t put up all of these decorations and not show them off!