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The nursery is slowly coming together (pics soon, I promise!), but there are a lot of little projects along the way. One of these projects is creating a cushion for the top of my childhood toy box, which my Pop made for me a hundred moons ago.

Simple and pine, but not particularly comfortable, this box is great for storage but needed some padding and color.

I measured lucked out and purchased cushions that were the exact dimensions needed.

(crafting with a bump that cannot be ignored!)

I also picked up upholstery batting, initially just to help cover the seam between cushions and prevent separation, but also to add an extra layer of density.

I used large stitches to hold the batting to the cushions, to ensure that nothing bunched while I was pulling fabric on and off.

A little sewing hack – when you need to double your thread and don’t want to risk having to retread your needle, thread the eye and then loop the thread over the end, creating a slipknot. It’ll ensure you don’t get stuck squinting!

Before I laid the fabric out, I ironed the folding seams. Nothing looks worse than a fresh project with old, bunchy seams!

The sewing part was not an exact science. Using pins, I lined up the fabric and pulled about an inch tighter, as this Mexican blanket is a loose weave with lots of give. I did pin the length of the Seam before I sewed, something I highly recommend so it doesn’t  look like you were seaming under the influence.

I used both a zigzag stitch and a regular stitch, as I didn’t want the fabric to grow as I was working, or once in use. I hope this helps keep things together a bit better!

I folded the ends like I was wrapping a present, and seamed the un-angled pieces. When I turned the fabric inside out, I hand stitched the angled corners to have them lie flat.

Once the cushion was back in, I hand stitched the other end, as I didn’t want to add a zipper. Remember, pins are your friend!

And, voila! Truly, this project didn’t take long, but it did take vision! Next task, pillows for the glider, and perhaps a roll for the back of this seat!