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Sorry for the lateness today! I’m still trying to get in the back to school rhythm!

Last week was Ryan and I’s first anniversary – crazy how fast (and slow) a year went! I won’t bore you with all of the mushy details of how sweet and wonderful our day was, but wanted to share our anniversary present ideas. Mainly because they are sweet, but also maybe they will inspire a gift for you.

We’ve decided to follow the anniversary theme traditions and so our first theme was paper and clocks depending on the tradition one subscribes.

For my gift to Ryan, I took the lyrics from our first dance and put them around 2 black and white photos from the dance. We danced to The One by Kodaline and chose this song because of how well it described our feelings about each other and the relationship. I bolded the lyrics that I really felt expressed how I’ve felt for the past 4 years!



I used Publisher to do this, but could’ve easily done it in PowerPoint. I printed the image at Walgreens, but could’ve used any printing service (wanted something high quality). I then put the paper in one of the gold frames we used at the wedding. The key is saving the document as a pdf or jpg so that you get a good idea of how it will print when you upload it to the printing website.

If you don’t like any of the standard fonts, you can always install one (or more) of the free fonts available on the internet. Just search free fonts on Pinterest and you will have a ton to choose from!20170108_162336

Ryan’s gift to me was super-creative and sweet! He was able to bring in both themes by replacing the face of a clock with the sweet sentiments. He picked the particular clock because it had birds and looked vintage-y. I landed a great one, ladies and gents!!


Our first anniversary was simple and perfect. It was a great way to celebrate the full year we’ve had by taking a day to relax and unwind together.

Here’s a list of the anniversary traditions, if you want to do the same with your spouse.