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It should come as no surprise that my nesting instinct has kicked multiple pending projects into high gear! First there was the frame update, then the cushion I made last week (and a pillow) — and now there’s the shelf! The good news is, now that these are all done, the only thing left is laundry and organization, things I can do with my feet propped up and bonbons in a steady stream. :)

This shelf was made by my Pop (like the toy box) out of pine. Though it’s a beautiful shade of wood, it’s not what I had envisioned for the nursery, and, quite frankly, not my favorite finish.

Using a very high grit sandpaper, I lightly sanded the polyurethane, and tested the paint in an inconspicuous spot. Once I got the texture to what I liked, I stopped sanding, and wiped down the whole shelf.

Using a foam brush, I did a coat over everything and allowed it to dry overnight. I did a second coat the next day, and got to the nice creamy white I wanted.

I wanted to be sure that this piece didn’t look too sparkly and new, so I picked up some tinted wax, and, using a rag, applied and wiped wax to the whole shelf. I used a little sandpaper on the edges and corners, to ensure more of the tinted wax would stick.

Another 24 hours to cure, and this puppy was up on the wall, ready to be filled! I tried to match the dresser as best I could, and I think it turned out pretty great!


NOTE: As with all projects while pregnant or breastfeeding, please READ THE LABELS and use appropriate protective gear!