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This is a vintage lifestyle blog not a political commentary blog. However, it is a blog ran by two strong women and today is a big day for all women in America and the world.  So I feel compelled to share my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

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Thousands of women across the world have or are marching today together to protest for the rights of ALL women. The rights to have an opinion and options to determine what our roles in society can and should be. The rights to have equal opportunities to determine our own lives and the freedoms to take our own journeys.

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I am not marching today with my thousands of sisters, but I am praying for their courage, for their safety, and for the millions watching. I hope that all of us can find and celebrate the things that unite us and work together to bridge that what divides. I encourage everyone to talk less and listen more. Listen more to those that see the world differently, try to understand the differences, and work together.

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My prayers are with all those who are marching, who are watching, and who are in positions of power. God bless you all.


P.S. Happy Birthday to my momma! She’s one badass lady!