Remember these blue beauties? What a labor of love they were to put back together! We used them well in the Loft, and moved them to our crooked house, despite no longer “going” with the decor. They’ve lived in the garage for the past few years, pinch hitting as storage and support in the oft shifting space. 

Hidden but never forgotten, these lockers have made their way back into our home, as a closet and for our upcoming bebe!

Perfect in function and in color, these lockers are one of the staples in the nursery (along with the crib and dresser). When we put them back together years ago, we left a divider out between two of the vertical sets, allowing for more storage. I installed a tension rod to make hanging space, and used locker shelves to increase storage capacity. 

All in all, this was an easy transformation – just trading one type of storage for another! Thinking outside the box has gotten me out of lots of sticky situations, particularly when it comes to storage. (remember the suitcases?)