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At a recent girls night, my friend, Sophie asked me where she could find a white dresser. I wasn’t sure, still looking for go-to spots in this area, but had some recommendations to help her with her search.

When you are looking for furniture, there are several places you can look that might score you a great piece for a great deal. Check out Craigslist, estate sales, Salvation Army (seriously), or other thrift stores. Messy antique or picker stores can also have gems hiding in the piles of junk! Stay away from the fancy, dust-free antique stores if you want to save money. Here are 5 other tips for furniture finding!

  1. Don’t let some dust or dirt scare you. Furniture isn’t that hard to clean and dust usually means discounts!
  2. Don’t worry too much about color. Find a piece that is the right size and shape. You can always paint or stain the furniture to your choice.
  3. If you need to paint or stain, make sure the piece is wood. Some furniture will be made out of composite material with a finish to look like real wood. These pieces are going to be difficult (if not impossible) to change color.
  4. Pay attention to the construction of the piece. Are the drawers glued or nailed together? Are the drawer sides wood or composite? How the piece is made will reveal how long it will last.
  5. Need storage? Get creative! You don’t have to get a traditional dresser or cabinet – maybe suitcases or lockers will do the trick!

Good luck with any furniture finding mission you might find yourself on!