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Recently President Trump and his spokespeople went on Twitter and T.V. to complain about Nordstrom dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing and jewelry line. In my opinion, the White House and its staff should be focusing on domestic and international issues that affect the whole country, not business decisions that impact their bank accounts. Also, talking negatively about one of my happy places really pissed me off. So I went and made a protest purchase and bought this MantraBand cuff!

Main Image - MantraBand® 'She Believed She Could' Cuff

I really liked the message and it goes perfectly with my rose gold watch.


I’m not the first woman to buy/wear jewelry as part of a protest. Women involved in the suffrage movement would incorporate their protest message with pins, sashes, and specific colors.

You can buy the bracelet or others with different messages and colors here. Additionally, I encourage you to get involved – call your senators and representatives, go to rallies and marches, give to organization who are fighting the battles you support, vote.

But regardless of your position on an issue, be kind.


Note: I do not receive any compensation from Nordstrom for any bracelet purchases. I just really like the product.