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Lainey came across this really cool story about an apartment in Paris that had not been touched in over 70 years! The woman who rented it left before World War II and never returned. However, she continued paying the rent until her death several decades later! There’s a whole unknown story about this woman, Mrs. De Florian. Why she left? Why she never came back? Why she kept the apartment?


The apartment did however reveal some interesting secrets. Like, the love letters that revealed a love affair between a married well-known Belle Epoque artist and his actress muse. (Reminds me of when Lainey and I found a stack of beautiful love letters with pornographic drawings tucked away in a desk for sale at an estate sale.)


This story intrigues me, but it also makes me sad. This apartment went from being a home to being a museum with a lot of unanswered questions. I think I prefer to hear stories about homes that have been lived in, loved in, and passed on to different owners/occupants, all leaving their marks (albeit some are not improvements) on the character of the home. I guess that’s one reason I enjoy estate sales so much – you get a glimpse into one of the eras of a home.

I assume the apartment was put back on the market once everything was cleaned out. The story of this home may have had a long pause, but it’s definitely not over!

You can read more about the long lost apartment and see more photos here. The decor is fabulous!