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Ryan and I are still exploring are new area and are having a great time doing it! Our latest adventure was seeing the Book of Mormon at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. I was super excited about the show (it’s hilarious) and watching Ryan’s reaction to all of the sacrilege.

I didn’t have any expectations about the theater itself and so I was completely thrown back by the opulent chandeliers and incredible details in the lobby.

Some back story about the Benedum Center, it was built in 1928 for $3 million and was originally called the Stanley Theater. Originally a movie theater, it was the largest movie theater in Western Pennsylvania and was Pittsburgh’s main first run house for all Warner Bros. film releases. After a $43 million renovation in 1987, it reopened as the Benedeum Center for Performing Arts and was converted from a movie palace to a full performing arts center.

The highlight is the giant chandelier hanging in the center dome over the balcony. It’s 20 feet high by 12 feet wide and weighs 4700 pounds! I want one for my dining room (just kind of kidding).

There are art deco touches everywhere, even over the elevator in the bar!


I love the theater and now am looking for any reason to go back! The show was good too!