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The last (for now) in our series of hidden meaning rings is the REGARD(S) ring. (read about DEAREST and ADORE)

The REGARD ring might be my favorite – not because of the stones, but because it’s message is the most simple of the three. A quick reminder:

In my opinion, REGARD carries a bit more weight and importance than the other two. I did a little more digging, and TheJewellryEditor  explains that these rings originated with a French jeweler in the 18th century, who came up with the idea of spelling words with gemstones. “These sparkling love letters quickly caught on, and some of the earliest acrostic bracelets were created by French jewellery house Chaumet, during the Napoleonic era, as gifts for Empress Joséphine and Empress Marie-Louise.” This makes the trend a Georgian one, though the Victorians ensured it’s continued presence with their love for all things emotional.

There are two versions of this ring – REGARD and REGARDS, the longer word adding a sapphire and lending a bit of symmetry to these assorted gems.

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The bottom flower is particularly special, as it’s in a pansy shape (meaning think of me) and includes pearls (indicating a happy relationship).

So, out of these three, which do you like best? And, given the opportunity, would you create your own acrostic ring?