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It’s my birthday week! All of my friends and family have made me feel so loved with sweet messages and wishes! Ryan has gone above and beyond to make me feel even more special and loved than I already did! Look at the flowers he left in my office for when I got back from class…he arranged them himself!!

I also got a sweet package from Lainey…all the way from Germany (the package came from Germany, Lainey’s not in Germany).

It’s a vintage souvenier pin (likely 1940s). Similar to getting your sweetheart’s name on a grain of rice, you would’ve picked up a pin like this while on vacation at the Jersey Shore (found a similar pin online that was purchased there) or at the carnival when it came to town.

Lainey said she normally sees pins like this with “Marjorie” or “Gladys” so she was super-psyched to see “Emmi.,” a nickname they have for me. I became Emmi when we were on Kilimanjaro and one of our guides, Christopher, had a hard time pronouncing Emily (or maybe he just had a crush on me).

The leaf is abalone /mother of pearl and the name is gold wire. There’s a green rhinestone dangling under the “E”. I love the daintiness!

What a special birthday this has been!