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Charles Alexander Bruce joined us on February 3rd. I look forward to teaching him what I know and helping him find his own collection! 

Charlie is perched atop a few of my and sweet hubs’ favorite books. For me, poetry was, and is still, simple comfort, especially TS Eliot and Shel Silverstein. Charlie Brown, and The Little Red Hen (yup, that one!) were also stalwarts. Winnie the Pooh and other AA Milne books were in both of our lives,though these books came from hubs’ collection. For hubs, childhood was full of Hardy Boys and other adventures, including Moby Dick – the latter being an opera production that was absolutely transformative for him to perform in, and for me to watch (over and over!). In fact, Charlie was with me during the most recent run, and did somersaults like no other when that men’s chorus sung. 

My nest is full. 


Photos by the incomparable Steven Haal