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Sorry everyone for missing Wednesday’s Quickie! It’s that time of the semester where I tend to forget what day of the week it is! I promise to try to stay more on top of things as the school year winds down (only 4 more weeks)!

Last weekend I started my spring cleaning crusade, getting things better organized and taking care of some projects that I’ve put off. One area I decided to start was my closets. (my least favorite part of our house)

Our house is 100 years old and the closets are really tiny. I’ve got 2 that I am currently using for my clothes, shoes, scarfs, and purses. The goal is to eventually get everything to fit into one single closet (I’ve got a long way to go).


I’ve done the closet organization tricks where you take everything out and only put things back that you are keeping. I’m really good at throwing things out, the problem is, I’m also really good at adding things to the closet too (aka shopping). Plus I like having a variety to choose from and wear different things teaching vs all the other days. So a capsule wardrobe is probably out of the question for me.

If I want to get to where everything fits into 1 closet and reduction isn’t a reality, then I have to figure out to maximize my space from top to bottom. Last weekend was the beginning. Starting with my shoes.

I have several beautiful pairs of heels that I only wear on special occasions. I don’t want to get rid of them, but lining them up on the top shelf of my closet wasn’t the best use of space. So I invested in some clear shoe boxes ($.88 at Target) and labeled each box. I can easily see which shoe is which and have almost the entire length of my closet available. This easy change makes a huge difference. I could add bins of scarves, stack sweaters there, or move in my purses. (You also may notice hangers that are hanging backwards – those are items I haven’t worn since my closet clean out in Jan – when I wear something I hang it back correctly. Then come January, I have a good idea of what I wore and what just took up space)

Speaking of purses, I’ve got quite the collection of clutches. In the past they were squished together at the top of my other closet. Not the best way to keep them in good condition (many are vintage) and getting 1 down usually meant several would tumble to the ground. So I invested in 2 pot lid racks ($6.99 each at Target) and placed a clutch or cross-body bag in each slot. This life hack doesn’t really give me more space, but it does organize my purses better and gives me a better idea of what I have.

This weekend, assuming weather cooperates, the goal is to work outside. We’ve got some goals with the garden, want to power wash the siding, and get our beautiful wrap-around porch to be super inviting. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we’ll likely spend a lot of the weekend super cleaning (yuck).

How do you do spring cleaning?