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I love having fresh cut flowers in the house and would have flowers in every room if I could afford it. $4-$7 a bunch really starts to add up. An arrangement I made last week, cost $15 and some of the stems were molded when I got home or didn’t last more than a day or so.

March’s Better Homes & Gardens had an article about how you can grow a cutting garden that will yield approzximately 500 stems for $25 (vs the several hundreds you’d spend at the store) and it has inspired me to see what kind of green thumb I can have.

Our garden has lots of potential. Someone with a green thumb could reallly turn our stone terraced garden into something special. At one point (when the real estate photos were taken), it was pretty. Now those beds are pretty much overran with ivy and weeds.

So (once it dries) we’re going to clean things out and start planting flowers in a mix of colors. I don’t really have a plan per say, I’m just picking out different plants and seeing how I do.

I ordered 5 seed packets from floretflowers.com: candy mix zinnias, giant wine zinnias, cherry caramel phlox, bachelor’s buttons, and love in a mist. I’ve got the zinnias and phlox seeds starting in 2 Jiffy starter greenhouse kits. Come the beginning of May, I should be able to plant these and the other seeds.

I have pretty low expectations and hope that my research on finding easy to grow flowers is accurate. Over the next couple of months, I will keep you all updated on how my garden is growing.

Today’s the last day, I believe, but Lowes has a deal on their mulch right now: 5 bags for $10! If you have some time today, find your local store and stock up!

What are you growing this spring/summer?