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As I mentioned on Wednesday, we have begun trying to bring some glory to our backyard paradise.

Some day I’d really like to have a full-blown vegetable garden. I don’t think we are ready for the challenge and we need to figure out how to deer-proof it too. So we decided to start small, with a basic herb garden. We spend so much money buying herbs at the grocery store (and throw a lot of it out) that growing our own just makes good sense (cents).

The original plan was to fill this tiered plant stand with different variations, but I waaay overbought plants (not taking into consideration the space required between plants) and did not buy enough coco plant liner for the bottom tier.

So some improvisation was required. I got a lemon thyme planted in the top tier and 2 cilantro in the middle. I’ve started some sage seeds and will add them to the bottom tier once they’ve sprouted.

Plan B was to turn a flat section of the stone garden into a makeshift herb garden. We planted 3 basil, 3 parsley, 2 rosemary, and 2 lavender. I figure I can either keep this area as a herb garden and maybe do a row of something tall in the back or I can always transfer these to pots.

We were short on time on Sunday so we were only able to get the plants in the ground. On Ryan’s “honey-do list” this weekend, while I’m out of town, will be to finish clearing out the bed and then laying mulch around the plants.

1 week down and nothing’s dead yet!