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We may be adults, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to let go of some of our childhood traditions, which, for me, includes Easter baskets. Red Hen always had impressive spreads for Roadrunner and me, including stalwarts like Cadbury’s, chocolate bunnies, and sugar sculptures (though, why anyone in their right mind gives a child literally pure sugar, I’ll never know…). 

So, as we’ll have Easter guests this year, I set out to make a scaled down version of an Easter basket, to appease the inner child. 

As with most crafts these days, I used mason jars. A little ribbon (and double stick tape) jazzed things up, as did the traditional grass I have a love/hate relationship with (see: cats). A wooden spatula or other implement is handy when taming the grass to a small space. A small, but satisfying, sampling of several candies, and voila! Adult appropriate Easter baskets with just a quick shop and short time spend.