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There are lots of old fashioned things coming back into vogue, and I’m thrilled that the skill of embroidery and handwork is one of them. Starter kits are popping up all over the place for those interested in learning, or reviving, the craft. And it’s taking many modern forms – from updated mottos to daily stitches, the art and skill of slow is trending.  (source 1 & 2)

tAB - embroidery 2

tAB - embroidery

For some, though, the skill never stopped. Red Hen and her grandmother taught me to embroider when I was a child, a talent that earned me several ribbons in 4H competitions, and has served me well in the form of pillowcases and random repairs over the years. Red Hen’s best friend Nene (not her real name, but a native bird of Hawaii) sent this gorgeous pillow on the occasion of Charlie’s birth – showing her incredible skill and just how timeless the art of handwork really is.