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I’m not going to lie – every time I’ve sat down to write this post, I get a little teary. It’s certainly not because I’m shy about sharing from my personal life – but perhaps that I’m guarded about sharing my baby. Charlie has been the most perfect child sweet hub and I could have hoped for, and his nursery has been somewhat of a calm oasis to spend time in.

I didn’t know if our baby was a boy or a girl until Charlie arrived. The nursery was going to be the same regardless – as I’ve never been much into traditional baby decor. If you’ve read our blog for a while, you’ll recognize these lockers, the art, my weekend sewing and painting projects, and even the antique walker.

It was unintentional that the decor took this turquoise hue, but I quite like the finished product! I always wanted a nursery space that was bright and happy, and I achieved exactly what was in my mind’s eye.

The mobile was first my brother’s, then mine; the pillow, a gift from Red Hen’s best friend. The baby box was our European adventure (and worked for us, for a time). The rocking horse and toybox came from my childhood. The basket on the side of the lockers holds both my and Steve’s baby blankets, a sweet connection to the past.

The basket holding the nappies was a salvage from Red Hen’s last garden cleanse, and has worked to keep things functional but pretty. The dresser was previously in Red Hen’s house, but found a happy home as the changing table. You’ll see a mix of old and new on the shelf – Steve’s squeaky toy puppy rests next to a collection of our own baby shoes (and yes, I’ll put those sweet bunnies on Charlie, even if only for a moment!). The chicken was made for me by my Pop – she lays eggs! – and, how perfect that she’s a Red Hen.

The bookshelf in the corner was in my brother’s room growing up, a dumpster find of Red Hen’s in New York in the 80s. I’m pretty sure there are 7 coats of paint under the crackle that I did 10 years ago (hello, fad!), which is fun to see as it continues to chip and age. The art is framed pages from French children’s story books, a Marburger find.

I kept a corner of the room as my office – and it’s the perfect fresh and feminine corner to keep me inspired and working!

As we quickly ran out of floor space, the walker took on “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” role, as it became airborne as decor until Charlie is a little older. If you’re working on putting together a nursery, make it your own. Don’t feel bound by the traditions and trends around you. You will be the one most aware of the space, so you should make it as enjoyable as possible! You can always add in your little one’s love of racecars or kitty cats later, when they’re old enough to enjoy it.


DISCLAIMER: it is not safe to have your baby in a crib with soft bedding and pillows, nor with anything they can pull down and choke on. These photos are staged.