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Today was supposed to be a work day in the garden. I was going to pull back the ivy that has taken over, continue cleaning out unwanted weeds (those with pretty flowers can stay), plant my containers on the porch, and possibly purchase and plant a couple of azalea bushes. Alas, April showers have put a pause on those plans until May. Except maybe the porch containers, I can still do that.

I thought I’d update you all on how my garden is progressing though, I can do that rain or shine! Last weekend, I visited WVU’s greenhouse and came home with 2 hanging pots for the porch, 2 petunias , 18 impatiens, and a bee balm plant. Ryan and I got to work planting the new purchases and continuing to clean up the beds. We planted most of the impatiens in 2 rows along one bed.

We pulled out 9  bushes (I don’t know what they are) because we felt they were too structured and sharp for the look we’re aiming for. Feeling bad about throwing away healthy plants, Ryan moved all but 2 to a bed on the side of the house. Both of us (especially me) were pleasantly surprised at how good it looked!


While clearing out ivy, we found 2 hostas that perked up at some sunshine! Hopefully, once completely free, our rhododendron will react the same way as the hostas.

The rest of the impatiens got plant in the spot where we originally had the basil. Unfortunately, a late snow storm killed our basil plants a couple of weeks ago. The rest of the herbs seem to be doing well and now we’ve got some color in the bed!


Cece also enjoyed the sunny weather, chasing bugs and birds in the yard.


Next weekend will be a big planting weekend, the little seeds that I started will get planted, as will some other seeds that don’t transfer well, and maybe I’ll be able to get my azaleas (and possibly some roses too)!

How are your gardens doing? Any advice for this novice?