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It’s the first week of May, the showers and cold is supposed to be done…but it’s not, at least not in Morgantown. Today’s high is going to 51 and rainy and tomorrow we dip as low as 38 degrees. This weather is really wrecking with my gardening and Kentucky Derby watching plans (was planning on grilling but NOOOO).

With the mud, there’s not much I can do in the garden between showers, I’m just hoping for better weather next weekend. However, we are having people over this afternoon for a Kentucky Derby watching party (next best thing to being at the track, right?) and my porch was in receiving shape. Luckily, it’s covered so I can be out of the rain!

I played hooky yesterday afternoon and went over to Lowes to get some plants for my containers. I have to say that Lowes is not the go to place for non-full sun annuals. They don’t have the largest selection, but I did my best with some partial sun varietals and am hoping for the best.


I started easy, I found some of the red begonias that do really well in the shade. I planted these in small pots and put them by the front door.


Then in the white plant stand, in a pretty pot purchased at Kroger, I planted a “Nonstop Mocca Begonia,” alyssum, and lobelia.

I also planted a “Nonstop Mocca Begonia” in the other pot, some coleus and loeblia.


My main event of the porch is the chair plant stand. I planted a “Persian Sheild”, sweet potato vine, and begonia.


Around the corner in my great-grandmothers Roseville Jardinere, I’ve got coleus and lobelia.


Finally, I’ve got some flowers set aside to put in a window box outside of our bedroom window, once the rain stops. I picked sweet potato vine and “Scopia Great Bacopa” so that they’ll cascade over the window box.


I might have over bought some, so while I could take them back to Lowes, I think I need to just find another plant stand to add to my collection! I think some pots on the black bench might be really cute!


Now with the hanging pots and the additions I made, the porch is a lot more welcoming and ready to greet our friends this afternoon!