Cucumbers and figs and squash, oh my! 

I didn’t think I’d get to grow this year, but a neighborhood gardening group friend gave me seedlings and I’ve managed to keep them alive! Here’s our current progress, thanks to cooler days and loads of rain. 

Summer squash keeps popping out these pretty ladies. We’ve roasted and plan on grilling these all summer. 

The tomatoes are full, but hard and green. If they keep at it, they may never reach adulthood, because I’ll pick and fry them! 

The okra has had several tiny buds, but I think it’s been trying too hard. Another month or so should mean the plant can better support the growth. 

This pepper plant has produced a combo sweet and spicy varietal – not sure exactly what it is. Green and mild and delicious with a mouth warming after egged. Very interesting! 

And the cucumbers. Oh these cukes! The first round two rounds didn’t survive transplantation, so I caved and bought one plantable pot. They’re looking happy, but I’ll wait to thin them when they’ve got little tendrils and are looking to climb. 

Lastly, my figs are happily put-putting along, and we should have preserves by July! 

How does your garden grow?