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One of my greatest joys was getting to plan the baby party for Lainey. She is always a key part of the planning for all of our parties and they’re always spectacular. It was important to us involved in the planning process that we honor the new parents and celebrate the arrival of Charlie with the perfect party. And as I’ve learned from Lainey, paying attention to key details is the most important part!

Our theme for the shindig was an homage to Steve’s Scottish heritage and Lainey’s Dutch heritage, thus the theme “tartan and tulips” was born! Plaid, delft, Scottish thistle, and tulips were incorporated in every way we could think. Starting with the invite:


We looked for “delft” type pieces at thrift stores and antique shops to be part of the centerpieces.  Morning of the party I hit up Trader Joe’s for flowers and hit the jackpot! I then arranged tulips, Scottish thistle, hydrangea, peonies, and other flowers into a variety of vases and containers. Like these cute Dutch shoes I found at an antique mall in Utah!

For food we ordered/made a variety of things: finger sandwiches, sausage balls, variety of dips, cheese plate, etc. To stick with the theme, we ordered these flags for the sandwiches. Everything was placed on the dining room table and people were able to serve themselves buffet style.

For dessert, we had tulip sugar cookies, Walkers shortbread cookies, and petit fours decorated with a “C” or with a tartan motif. The dessert table might’ve been my favorite!

But the star of the whole party was Charlie! He was right on theme wearing his baby kilt that matched Daddy’s vest! Lainey went with the theme too by wearing a dutch braid in her hair.


Like all of our other parties, the food was good, flowers were pretty, and the booze flowing, but the thing that made the day so special was the people. Celebrating the lives of those we love and sharing the moment with dear friends and family…that’s secret to throwing a great party!

Here’s my favorite photo from that day!