Do you use those coconut liners in your hanging baskets, only to have to replace them each season? Whether due to moisture or squirrels or both, I get so frustrated that each of my planters look like this after a few months. 


But I’m giving something a try that I’ve heard helps, and thought I’d pass it along to you. 

Before adding dirt to your basket, line the interior with plastic. You can add a hole to the bottom for drainage –  or not, depending on how well lined it is. I used those bread bags from the grocery store that come with a twist tie – I opened them along a side and bottom seam, and it fit 2/3 of the basket. (The weight of the dirt holds it in place and allows you to move the plastic around for optimal placement.) 

Then, plant as usual! I picked up a selection from the Darwinian section of the garden center, so we’ll see what sticks. I suggest always placing your plants in the pot or basket before you plant them, so you can be sure the spacing and combination works. 

Finished product! A little sunshine and love, and it’ll fill out in no time.