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We’re in super flower mode over here at tAB. Whether it’s growing or showing, we’re neck deep in blooms! 

We had a little get together at our house last weekend, and I wanted a low centerpiece since everyone would be around the same table. 

I picked up 18 orange roses and found coordinating snapdragon, then rounded out with two green textures. 

I started with the age-old florist trick of creating a grid. I used tape on the top of my vase, but a glass or metal frog in the bottom of your vase also works wonders. Go ahead and add a little water (and the packet, if you believe in them) to the vase before you put the grid on – you’ll be happy later to not spill absolutely everything on the counter. 

I started by taking the leaves of my roses. I completely stripped 12, leaving 6 with very small leaves that were close to the bloom. These are handy in finalizing your arrangement, as you fill holes with color and extra texture. I find it helpful to take all of the flowers out of their plastic and bands and place them in a bucket together. If I don’t have clear direction, it comes more easily when the flowers are all against each other. (A glass of bubbly also helps!) 

I cut my roses and placed them around the vase, turning to be sure there was balance. Once the roses were in place, I added in the heavier greens. The thing with using a tape grid is that some of the boxes get full, so moving one stem can wreak havoc. Be patient and move slowly, and you’ll be able to work the stems into the configuration you want. 

I can’t stress enough that turning your arrangement ensures that the final product is pleasing from all angles. If you’re doing a very large arrangement, use a lazy Susan! (Who was this namesake??) 

And taadaah! A gorgeous centerpiece, exactly how I wanted it.