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I don’t know where I first saw it, but I’ve always wanted a real bird’s nest under a glass dome in my decor. Over the years I’ve had opportunity to snag them at Marburger, but the price always seemed high for what amounted to a pile of sticks.

A friend had an avian encounter on her porch, leaving her with this most perfect nest. The Eastern Phoebe is quite the perfect nest builder!

It was left undisturbed while in use, but once the fledglings left, it was removed. 

Something I hadn’t considered when thinking thru the harvest was the food and poo situation. 

Half-eaten bug corpses taunted me, and the stench of droppings mocked my project. How to clean such a beautiful example without destroying it? I have no idea. My goal was to pick out the bugs, knock off the waste, and use canned air to blow out anything else unsavory. Unfortunately, while the nest sat on my porch in a box, the squirrels found it terribly interesting and dismantled it (the box and the nest).

So, I continue to wait for another perfect nest to come my way, and will continue to research how to best preserve it!