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As I watch my vegetable garden grow, I can’t help but salivate in anticipation of the delicious things I’ll soon be eating! Roasted squash, vine-ripened tomatoes, and cucumbers will soon be calling my name. Until then, I read through recipes so that I’m prepped and ready by harvest.

Fried Green Tomatoes
The squirrels are making it difficult to leave my tomatoes on the vine until their red, shiny orbs are ready to be picked. They show entirely too much interest, and have lately taken to picking the almost-ready tomatoes, taking a few bites, then leaving them atop my 10 foot fence as if a head on a pike outside a city during the dark ages How rude So, I’ll show them – I’ll pick those tomatoes GREEN and FRY them! This recipe looks promising! I have to say, I’m drawn to the tagline “put some south in your mouth!”

Refrigerator Pickles
You should know by now that I’m obsessed with making pickle every summer. (You can read about my past pickling adventures here.) But, I’m not always patient enough to do the whole canning process, and instead opt for instant gratification through refrigerator pickles. These are also a good option when you aren’t harvesting a large quantity, or just want to pick up some cucumbers at the stand/market/store and give pickling a whirl. This is the recipe I keep coming back to.

Refrigerator Pickled Okra and Green Beans
These two recipes, and crops, are new to me, but I’m excited to give them a try! While I was pregnant, I couldn’t get enough pickled okra (seriously, like a jar a week), so I’m looking forward to sating that lingering craving with some home brew. I will be doing the sweet and tangy first, but plan to give the hot and smoky a chance later in the season.

I’ve never had pickled green beans, but I’ll try just about anything once! I’m not growing beans, but got a pile from a fellow gardener. I found this recipe for spicy beans, and they sound delicious and refreshing.

I’ll keep you posted on my harvest and on my pickling experiments!