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My cousin and I recently inherited some jewelry. While some of it was definitely our style, some of it was a little dated or not really up our alley. As we divided things, we came across this ring guard – pretty in its own right, but not something either of us would wear as is. 

I had the idea to split the jacket so we could each have an “eyelash” ring. She agreed, so a local jewelry split and cleaned up the band for under $50. Here’s mine – unique and great on it’s own or as part of a stack! 

Both she and I will now enjoy carrying one half of a pair, and the memory of our grandmother, with us. 

Incorporating inherited jewelry into your rotation can sometimes prove difficult if it has sentimentality, but isn’t your style. Unless your family objects loudly, now that the piece(s) is(are) yours, consider altering things to better fit you. Your loved one will be held in memory whether you keep the marquise diamond in a yellow gold ring or have it reset as an east-west necklace. And, you’ll likely think of and wear the piece more often if it’s something you really like, rather than something you feel you have to wear. If you are sharing jewelry amongst many, consider pooling the stones and making a piece you each like with it (like acrostic jewelry).