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I love to pickle. Historically, it’s just been cucumbers, but when I grew enough okra this year to actually do something with it, I did what all Texans would do: I made something to add to my Bloody Mary. :) Interestingly enough, pickled okra was one of the things I absolutely couldn’t get enough of while I was pregnant. I’m sure glad I maintained my taste for them!

Following the recipes from our post the other week, I made both the hot & smoky and sweet & tangy, so I could do a head to head. It’s probably obvious by the final picture that I had an inkling I’d like the sweet & tangy better — which I totally did!

First, I lined up my harvest and tried to split them evenly by mass (not by number) into two jars. Then I cleaned them and scrubbed the jars. I sliced the tops of of the okra and set them aside to cure in salt. For fun, I added some of the surprise peppers from my garden to the sweet & tangy batch (“surprise” because I didn’t know if they’d be hot or sweet! They’re somewhere in between.)

Following the recipe, I had both pots going at once, and made an absolute stink of my kitchen. In surprisingly short time, I had the juice in the jars and the okra a-pickling. 48 (long) hours in the fridge before my first bite – but totally worth the wait!!

The hot & smoky were good, but I don’t think the paprika really has a chance against the vinegar. The sweet & tangy are at the perfect intersection of smooth and surprising! They’re hard to describe, but sweet & tangy are delicious and the clear winner. 

I have a new crop of okra that I’ll be making only the sweet & tangy with – unless I have a chance to fry some first. With the heat as oppressive as it is right now in Dallas, this may be my last okra harvest (my plant looks like it’s actually melting), so I’ll be sure to savor these while they last.